About Us

We are management and financial consultants specializing in financial agreements and securities that strives to improve the lives of the ordinary people in developed, developing and transitioning economies by enhancing the inherent strengths of national and local governments, communities, and the private sector. We act as intermediate in various fields in the financial service industry and work in corporation with other professionals to help us to provide a comprehensive service to our clients. .

We foster innovative, locally-driven solutions in the fields of financial services for those in need; urban, water, and infrastructure services; as well as fund management. Dedicated to excellence, our staff members design and manage programs, deliver customized training, and provide advisory services. Alpha Trust Global has worked in many countries, spanning a variety of development contexts, including post-disaster and post-conflict settings. We freely disseminate our findings to enrich the practices of development stakeholders worldwide.

At The Alpha Trust Global we fully appreciates the need to handle your business planning documentation with the utmost care and consideration of private and confidential nature of its contents. One of the values most often expressed as essential by our clients, of the services we provide, is the absolute discretion associated with our relationship. The Alpha Trust Global as a Financial and Management Securities Company is strictly bound to the same level of absolute secrecy as money managers and their clients learned to appreciate in private banks. We provide a wide range of corporate finance, support and advisory services to businesses and individuals. We act as a dependable deposit channel and intermediary between clients and banks. We have an above average commitment to providing practical and strategic support to our clients to enable them to meet their short and long term objectives.