Loan Service:

  • Small Loans
  • Medium Size Loan
  • Commercial Loan
  • Overdraft Loan
  • Motorcycle Loan
  • Housing Loans
Trade Finance Service:
  • Documentary Credit (L/C)
    1. Import L/C
    2. Export L/C
  • Documentary Collection
    1. Import Collection
    2. Export Collection
  • Assignment of Proceeds
  • Bank Guarantee
    1. Bank Confirmation on A/C Balance
    2. Shipping Guarantee
    3. Oversea Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit
    4. Bid Guarantee
    5. Performance Guarantee
    6. Advance Payment Guarantee
    7. Payment Guarantee

For Companies:

  • Land Title
  • Company Document(Business Registration Certificate, Business License, and Patent)
  • Board Resolution/Shareholders' Agreement
  • ID Card/Passport/Family Book
  • Last 2 years Financial Statements
  • Rental Agreement
  • Sales & Purchase Agreement
  • Invoices/Receipts from suppliers
  • Bank Statement


          Loan approval fee and transfer charges

          An online account opening with lomex Fin Plc

For Individuals:

  • Land Title
  • ID Card/Passport/Family Book
  • Employment confirmation
  • Last 3-month Salary Slips
  • Rental Agreement
  • Bank Statement


         Loan approval fee and transfer charges

         An online account opening with lomex Fin plc

                     How to repay your loans:

The loan can be paid on installments depending on the customer's choice.



                    Twice a year


  Five to ten years duration depending on the type of loan

 The principal and interest will be paid monthly or yearly

                          Interest Rate

                         Our interest rate is low (only 2%)