CUSTODY SAFEKEEPING & DEPOSITS: As a leading provider of securities safekeeping and bank custodial services, we understands the importance of dependable, high-quality account administration and superior accounting and reporting systems. Safekeeping is to innovate and redefine private safe deposit service for business and individuals seeking protection of their hard assets. Our years of experience have enabled us to tailor the high level of facilities and services that we offer, to meet our many clients individual and varied requirements. Combining safety and convenience, we have become one of the country's leading safe deposit companies, providing the ultimate in secure safekeeping. We are leading as intermediary for both local and international clients on bank deposits as we are affiliated with so many banks across the globe

Alpha Trust Global is a dynamic, integrated financial services group offering end-to-end financing solutions through its consumer banking, SME banking, commercial banking, wholesale banking, Islamic banking, investment banking and stockbroking businesses as well as unit trust and asset management by providing products and services that are suited for every customer at every stage of their life.

The Group has decades of proud history in contributing to the financial community with its innovative and entrepreneurial business spirit. Today, the Group is involved in the provision of financial services through its principal subsidiaries and Micro Financing. It provides easy access throughout the country by serving its broad base of customers via multi-pronged delivery channels which include retail branches, global trust credit financing, personal branches, privilege banking centers, business centers, investment bank branches, direct marketing offices and unit trust agent offices located nationwide in a mix of rural and urban areas