Corporate Investment

Type of Services

Corporate Advisory and Fund Raising Services in arranging and structuring via the issuance of Global Trust Micro Finance Securities

• Project Advisory and Financing

• Corporate and Debt Restructuring

Transaction Roles

    Financial Adviser and Arranger for fund raising exercises via issuance of Global Trust Micro Finance Securities

    Coordinator, Financial Adviser and Arranger for project financing transactions

    Adviser for corporate and debt restructuring exercises

 Other Roles



    Primary Subscriber


    Facility Agent

    Security Agent

    Monitoring Agent

    National Adviser


Benefits of ALPHA TRUST (GLOBAL) Securities

Offer a wider investor base as it attracts both foreign investors, thus facilitating the distribution process opportunity to tap liquidity outside, such as from countries in the Middle East

Potentially lower cost as surplus funds compete for a limited supply of Global Trust Micro Finance Securities, which is considered as an attractive investment alternative

Enjoy tax deductions for expenses incurred in the issuance of Global Trust Micro Finance Securities based irrespective of Law and International policies

 Enjoy tax incentives for the issuance of Global Trust Micro Finance Securities in foreign currency

Proven success as evidenced by the continuous phenomenal growth and demand for Lomex Finance Securities in the domestic and global market

The Approved Principles

ALPHA TRUST (GLOBAL) are structured based on the contract approved by the Securities Commission as listed in the Guidelines on the Offering of ALPHA TRUST (GLOBAL). The notable Global Trust Micro Finance contracts and principles applied in structuring ALPHA TRUST (GLOBAL) are as follows

(Deferred Payment Sale)


(Purchase Order)

 (Cost Plus)


 (Profit And Loss-Sharing)


Why Corporate Investment ALPHA TRUST (GLOBAL)?

Corporate Investment Banking

“Your True Business Partner”

    Strong track record in pioneering and introducing new and innovative ALPHA TRUST (GLOBAL) instruments both domestically and globally

    Vast experience of over 20 years as a pioneer of Banking

    Involvement in structuring some of the largest, complex and unique ALPHA TRUST (GLOBAL) transactions

    Highly learned and experienced in-house professional Advisers (established since 1983)

   ALPHA TRUST (GLOBAL) solely lead arrange and to trail blaze a foreign currency  bonds issue, which was widely accepted by both local and international financial institutions